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Floranthropist: flowers for the love of humanity

Flowers for the love of humanity.


Our story began in January of 2013 when we decided to start a small wedding flower business out of our home in north Redding.  We started out at the wedding shows and connecting with local wedding vendors to get our name out in the community.  In 2014 we built our first flower fridge and started seeing an increase in demand for our natural, avant-garde approach to floral design.

In 2015, we opened our first “retail” location on Merchant St in east Redding (ok, it was actually a garage) in response to the increasing request for local flower delivery by our friends, family, and patrons.  This is where we began offering daily flower delivery, and had a modest little section of local and artisan-crafted gifts and goods.

We opened our Market St. location in 2019

In the fall of 2019 we began our remodel of the old Crown Camera building in downtown Redding on the corner of Market and Tehama Streets.  (Crown camera is still in business next door so make sure to check them out!)

This move came out of the desire to increase our visibility in town and to expand our retail space.  We now have over 1,200 sq feet dedicated to gifts, plants and home decor.

Floranthropist Market

Katie Walden

Founder & Florist

Katie is adventurous, creative, spontaneous and a lover of classically eclectic beauty. With 18 years of floral design experience, Katie is a life-long trend setter who continues to see just beyond the aesthetic design curve to provide a floral look that is both perfectly NOW and completely timeless. Katie can always be found searching out beauty in the unexpected and is consistently pushing the limits of what can be used in a bouquet. When not playing with flowers, you can often find Katie sifting through estate sales, eating yummy food with friends, or at home with her husband Dave and her four beautiful children Simeon, Anna, Mari, & Selah.

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