At Floranthropist, we do things a bit differently than most flower shops, and in this case we feel different is better.

How does it work?

  1. You choose the size (click on the image to the right)
  2. You choose the style and colors
  3. We deliver the flowers or you can pick them up during business hours.

The main difference between Floranthropist and most other flower shops is that we do not use a national wire service like Teleflora or FTD.

It can make the ordering process seem a bit tricky as we do not have a catalogue of arrangements to choose from.  The payoff for this is that we find that the end product is of much higher quality because we are actually using flowers that are in season.  As we grow, we hope to begin to ‘catalogue’ some arrangements to choose from.

For now we offer a number of different sized arrangements, and ask you for the ‘look and feel’ you would like the arrangement to have.  In most cases we can accommodate requests for specific flowers unless those flowers are out of season.  In that case, we can offer suggestions to maintain the style you like but with flowers that are in season.

Enjoy some of the pretty from our instagram feed.  You’ll find flower arrangements that we send out on a regular basis as well as some pics of daily life around the shop.  Enjoy!!

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